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Food Pyramid Poster for Nutrition Education is the Most Popular Tool in School Cafeteria

    Nutrition education is exciting with fruit and vegetable food art! Posters with “real” healthy food encourage kids to eat nutritious foods.

    Food pyramid posters for nutrition education must capture kids’ attention immediately. Check out our food posters with simple concepts and powerful nutrition messages!

    We have hundreds of nutrition education and food pyramid posters to choose from…

    School FoodserviceXpress has a variety of nutrition education posters on the food pyramid, vegetables and fruits, getting active, Foodscapes

    Here’s a tiny “taste” of our huge selection:

    MyPyramid Poster Set of Six – Six colorful and creative pyramid-based posters depict each food group and physical activity. Includes healthy messages: Make Half your Grains Whole; Focus on Fruits, Vary your Veggies, Go Lean with Protein, Get Your Calcium Rich Foods, and Find Your Balance between Food and Physical Activity. Appropriate for all ages.

    US Food Plate Poster - The US Food Plate Poster provides an alternative way to look at the food pyramid in a fresh, relevant, and innovative dinner plate format. Based on the USDA's pyramid. Appropriate for grade 6-adult.
    Kids Portion Size Wise Poster – Education can fight the childhood obesity epidemic with this colorful and informational poster. Includes pictures of common foods depicting recommended portion sizes. Great complement to MyPyramid posters. Appropriate for ages 6-12.
    Salads Poster – Salads can be an excellent choice for good health, nutrition, and weight maintenance- as long as you watch your toppings! This education poster gives examples of high- and low-calorie salad toppings and offers tips for constructing a healthy salad.
    MyPyramid For Kids Posters – These best-seller pyramid posters are illustrated with kids participating in various activities. Nutrition education is provided on healthy choices in all the food groups illustrated by the pyramid. Appropriate for ages 6-11.

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